Thursday, April 19, 2012

Which is the better city St Remy or Isle sur Sorgue

Which is the better city St Remy or Isle sur Sorgue. thanks


Better in what way?


Hi xm

I would always say Isle sur le Sorgue.





I am looking for great restaurants, atmosphere, just a good place to be at.

A place that is charming, a place where we can take walks. We plan on malking either Isle sur Sorgue or St Remy as a home base for several days. Thanks


Although I live in Isle, I think it is more vibrant and much better placed to see the hill top vilages of Provence. Avignon is the same distane from each town but Gordes, Rousillion, Fontaine de Vaucluse Apt etc are easier to access from Isle.You can easily visit St Remy and Les Beaux from Isle.If you want any more advice you can email me



I prefer St-Rémy for its easy proximity to Arles, the Pont du Gard, Les Baux, and Avignon, just for starters.


As Escargot says Isle is convenient to every-

thing including Pont du Gard, Avignon. We

stayed in Gordes but when we return we will be in is gorgeous and so typically

Provence. St. Remy is nice, but doesn%26#39;t have the same %26#39;feel%26#39;...maybe because there%26#39;s no



I have to agree with Underhill..but then, I love the Alpilles........


As do I, gracejoan.

Exploring those little back roads and not so well-known villages is delightful. Hiking the trails around Les Baux and the Val d%26#39;Enfer, and along the ridge between St. Rémy and Maussane.

You must know the lovely Chapelle St. Sixte, yes?

Underhill - We may disagree about the Loire and Burgundy, but at least we agree on this one!

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